Smart trapping

The A24, Australia's first automatic, resetting pest trap.


A24 rat & mouse trap

This is no one hit wonder. When rats and mice come calling, there’s never just one.

Rats and mice in your ceiling, your walls or your compost. The sight, the sound, just the thought of rats or mice chomping through your insulation or scuttling about your home isn’t pretty.

Our traps keep on top of your pest problem for you – automatically resetting to give you constant control. They’re also non-toxic and certified humane.

Meet Melissa

She took a few simple steps to get her rat problem under control. After blocking off the food site, Melissa used the Goodnature system to find the best trapping site, install her certified humane rat and mouse trap and get amazing success without the need for toxins. Now she is also set up for any future rat or mouse reinvasions.