What's Chirp for A24?
We’re glad you asked! Chirp combines with the A24 Rat & Stoat Trap to talk straight to your smartphone - via Bluetooth™ - letting you know every time your trap kills a pest! Chirp also lets you know when you need to replace your lure and gas canister. Check out Chirp FAQs below

Why are there no dead pests underneath my Goodnature trap?
Scavenging is a frequent occurrence so it’s unlikely you’ll see everything that is killed. Rats, 
cats, birds, pigs and dogs scavenge dead critters from below our traps. You can purchase a Digital Strike Counter to get a clearer picture of your trap activity.

What is a Goodnature Digital Strike Counter?
If you’re wondering how many times your trap had been triggered, we’ve got a Digital Strike Counter to do the counting for you. The counter slides onto the CO2 canister of your trap is easy to check and reset. It will track from your first kill up to 99. When the counter hits 24, you know it’s time to replace the gas canister.

How do I know how much CO2 is left in the canister?
You can test-fire the trap to see if there is CO2 remaining. To ensure your traps remain charged, change the CO2 canister every 6 months. See our Quick Start Guide for more details.

How do I refresh the lure?
Our A24 rat trap comes with an Automatic Lure Pump to make it easier to keep rats under constant control. The lure pump reduces how often you need to check your trap to replace the lure. Once installed and activated, the lure pump dispenses lure steadily across six months, ensuring lure is fresh and increasing your trapping success.

I suspect my trap is faulty
If you haven’t already, test fire your trap - see our Quick Start Guide for how to do this safely. Your trap may just need a new CO2 canister. If you still have any concerns get in touch - we’re happy to help!

Can I shift the trap when it is live?
No. For safety, you should never shift a live trap. First, de-gas your trap and test that it has been de-pressurised. Once this is done, it’s safe to move. Check out the Quick start Guide for more details.

Can I purchase extra tree mount brackets?
Unfortunately not at this stage. We'll announce when they're available for purchase in Australia.

I caught a pest! What should I do?
Outdoors: you don't need to do anything. The dead pest will either be scavenged by another animal or slowly decay into the environment.

Indoors: a dead animal will start to smell after a few days, especially in warm weather. To avoid this, we recommend burying the carcass under a few centimetres of soil or compost. If that’s not an option for where you live - pop it in the trash.

When can I stop trapping?
To maintain constant control by managing any re-invading pests, we recommend leaving your trap in place long-term. Remember to refresh the lure monthly, and replace the CO2 and lure every 6 months.


A24 Rat & Mouse Trap


I already know I have rats. Why should I use the detector cards?
Rodent Detector Cards help you think like a rat, showing you where rats and mice in your area feel safe to eat. That’s the place you need to install your trap, even though it might be somewhere different from where you’ve seen or heard them.

I set my A24 trap by a compost bin, why am I still seeing rats?
Food-rich areas are complex rat trapping sites and may need extra effort to get success. Locations where you see rats, or signs of rats, are not always the best trap locations. To find the best place to set your rat trap, we recommend using Rodent Detectors Cards.

You may also have to disrupt the rats' routine by moving or reducing access to the food-rich sources, if possible, forcing them to look elsewhere - like your trap - for food.

Is the A24 rat trap a danger to wildlife?
We started Goodnature to protect endangered wildlife. This means getting on top of pests, like rats. We stand for solutions that are effective, humane and are easy and safe to use.

All pest control methods come with some risk and each location they’re used in is different, so it’s important to consider your situation when installing your trap - like you would with any form of pest control.

To avoid injuring or killing protected wildlife or any other animal that’s good for nature, it’s important you follow the installation instructions to set up your trap correctly. Simply follow the steps in the Quick Start Guide to make sure each trap is set up to be both effective and safe.

Is the A24 trap safe to use around pets?
If you have pets, there are a few things to keep in mind when installing your A24 Rat & Mouse trap. Check out our advice on Trap Safety below before you install your new rat trap.

How many A24 rat traps should I get for my land area?
The general rule of thumb is two rat traps per hectare (spaced
 50m apart). If you have a large area for conservation or a complex site such as an orchard or farm, then get in touch - we’re happy to help.


Chirp for A24

I already have an A24 Rat & Mouse Trap. Can I add Chirp to that?
Not just yet. Chirp caps are not yet available. We are only selling complete A24 Trap Kits with Chirp.

How do I install Chirp?
It’s easy. Simple step-by-step instructions are in our Goodnature Chirp App - which can be downloaded for free from the App store (iPhone) or Google Play (Android).

I can’t find the instructions. Help!
To reduce the amount of printed material we produce, and so you always have your instructions handy, all A24 Trap with Chirp instructions are in the Goodnature Chirp App.

How do I receive data from Chirp?
Chirp works 24/7 counting each pest your trap has killed - recording the day, time and air temperature. When you check your trap, Chirp sends this data to the Chirp App via Bluetooth™. Chirp also lets you know how many strikes are left before you need to replace the gas canister and when to change the lure.

How close to I need to be for it to sync?
To be confident you’re collecting your trap’s information, it’s best to briefly remove the Chirp cap until you see a red light flashing. This lets your Chirp know that you’re there and will speed up the data collection process.

Chirp will give you all the trapping data you need. It can sometimes take up to 30-seconds to receive notifications on your phone.

How do I get my Chirp data?
To be sure you’re collecting all your trap data, have your phone with you and the Chirp App open when you check your trap. Chirp will then send the trap data to the Chirp App via Bluetooth™.

Keeping your Chirp App open when you’re collecting your trap data allows it to gather the data faster. Don’t swipe up (or close) your app as this will stop the app from connecting with Chirp.

If there are kills to report, you’ll get a notification on your phone. If there’s nothing new to report, you should still see the ‘Last Synced’ field update with the time you checked it.

What if I’ve been out of Bluetooth range? How will I get my trap data?
If you’re outside of the Bluetooth range when a kill happens, Chirp will hold this data until you are next in range to collect it. If it’s been a while, it’s likely you could have a few notifications waiting for you when you next visit the trap!

Why did you choose Bluetooth?
Bluetooth can connect directly to your phone and it doesn't rely on cell phone coverage or wifi. Often our traps are laid across all terrain, so by using Bluetooth it means the Chirp works in all environments, and will sync to your phone when you return to the trap, without requiring a telephone signal.

What’s the difference between Bluetooth and wifi?
Bluetooth comes from your phone, and requires no satellite reception or internet to transfer information. This is perfect when you’re in the bush, or on the back of your farm where there’s no reception.

Wifi is the internet you need to download the app. It’s best to download the app first, while you have internet and then pair the Chirp when you’re in the field

I fired a test fire and it didn’t record?
Chirp has been designed to recognise movement and it will transition to a ‘moving state’, where it will temporarily disable kill detection. The device must be still for two minutes before it will return to a ‘still state’ and detect kills. This is to avoid false positive ‘kills’ (that might happen during set up).

What about if it’s on a trap stand?
You can still test fire your trap on a trap stand, but be careful not to move it around before or after you fire the test fire. It needs to sit in a static state for at least two minutes before and after testing.

How long does Chirp’s battery last?
The battery will last 2 - 5 years depending on your trap’s activity, your environment and temperature.

If I move my trap, how do I update its location?
You can update your trap’s location in our Goodnature Chirp app by clicking on:
My traps > Trap card > Details > Edit Trap > Tap the map and reposition the waypoint > Confirm.

Can other people see where my trap is located?
No. Unless you share your trap with other Goodnature Chirp app users, no one can see your trap’s exact location. However, we will add your trap data to our kill density heat map (see the ‘map’ page of our app) so that you and your conservation community can keep track of how well protected our species are - without us giving away your trap’s exact location.

How do I share my trap?
To share your trap, follow these steps:

  1. Click on the My Traps icon at the bottom of the screen
  2. Tap anywhere on a trap card (where you see your trap name and humane kills)
  3. Tap the Details heading
  4. Tap the Manage button next to Trap Users
  5. Add their email address and hit Invite

They will receive an email to accept your request. If you used the same email address as their Goodnature App login, they will then see your trap on their ‘My Traps’ page.

What devices support Chirp?
Lowest iOS Device Supported – iPhone 5
Lowest Android Version Supported – Android Lollipop (5.0)
Tablets and iPads are not supported.

How do I download the app?
On your smartphone, on the App store (iPhone) or Google Play (Android), search for: Goodnature Chirp. Click ‘download’ to install it.

Is the app free?
Yes. Our app can be downloaded by anyone in Australia or New Zealand for free.

Which countries can I download the app in?
The Goodnature Chirp app is currently available for download in Australia and New Zealand only via the App store (iPhone) or Google Play (Android). We’re working on making it available more widely.

Chirp’s red light is flashing. What does this mean? 
This means your Chirp is awake and connectable; it’s trying to connect with your Chirp App. In short, it means your Chirp is working.

What does the yellow light mean?
The yellow light displays when the Chirp cap has connected with the Chirp App. Chirp has something to tell you!

I’ve got no red light flashing, does that mean it’s not working?
It’s still working! It’s simply sleeping to save power. The red light will only display when it senses movement, and will only flash for a minute after it’s sensed movement

What permissions do I need to set?
On some smartphones, you need to enable to app to have certain permissions so that it can see where your trap is located. Set the locations permission to ‘Always’. We’re not using this data, it allows your smartphone to detect and connect BLE devices in the background. If you don’t see this, you won’t be able to connect

Both lights are flashing. What does this mean?
Chirp is smart. Once a day it tests its battery to see much life it has left. During the test some LED lights come on for about five seconds. Great news! It means Chirp is working 100%.

I can’t see my trap in my Bluetooth™ Devices list:
Chirp’s Bluetooth™ technology works differently to other common Bluetooth™ devices - like headphones and speakers. You can only connect to Chirp from within the App. For instructions on pairing your phone with Chirp check out the instructions in the App.

What is ‘pairing’?
Pairing is the first connection your Chirp will make with your account. It will link the Chirp to your personal or community account by pairing. It uses Bluetooth to make this connection.

What is ‘syncing’?
Syncing is every Bluetooth connection the Chirp makes after it’s been paired with your account.

What does ‘last synced’ mean?
Last synced is the last time your account received information from the Chirp. It will only update when you’ve been in range, and you’re Chirp has ‘woken up’. This might be due to a kill, or due to it being moved.

What happens if it doesn’t update the ‘last synced’ text?
Nothing is wrong! It simply means there hasn’t been a kill for your Chirp to send you, and your trap’s been still. In order to make the battery in a Chirp last as long as possible, it only updates when there’s kill information or movement. If you want to double check it’s working, you can unscrew your Chirp cap and give it a shake, the red light should start flashing and your last synced will update.

My smartphone is having trouble pairing with Chirp. Any tips?
There are a few possible reasons for this:
a) Chirp needs to be awake to pair! When you’re on the ‘Pair with Chirp’ page of the app, give Chirp five strong shakes. Its red light should start flashing, then you know it’s awake and ready to go.
b) Bluetooth™ needs to be turned on. Check that it’s enabled on your phone.
If none of the above tips do the trick, let us know hello@goodnature.com.au so we can help you out.

My kill count hasn’t updated in ages. 
There can be a couple of reasons for this:
a) Your trap hasn’t killed any pests recently. The first thing to check is that your trap still has gas and lure.
b) You haven’t been within range of your trap to collect the data. Get a bit closer!

My battery is low or dead. How do I replace it?  
When Chirp’s battery is low or dead, let us know: hello@goodnature.com.au so we can send you a new battery with instructions to help you replace it.

There are chew marks on Chirp. Is this OK? 
We’ve designed and made Chirp from hard wearing polycarbonate material with rounded surfaces to avoid it being chewed by animals. If you notice severe chew marks or holes in the cap, let us know: hello@goodnature.com.au.

How do I delete my trap? 
At this stage, our app doesn’t support this function. Please contact hello@goodnature.com.au so we can help you out.

My app keeps crashing. What can I do? 
Go to the “More” page and hit “Send Feedback” to send us a bug report. In your email to us, please include as much detail as possible so we can help you get it sorted. It’s handy for us to know your phone model, OS Version and what prompted the crashing. Send us some screenshots if you can.An important note for iOS Users: the ‘Send Feedback’ button is only available if you’ve set up your iOS Mail app.

What should I do with my trap's original cap once I’ve installed Chirp?  
The original cap is 103ml – ideal for measuring things or the perfect place to store all those 10c pieces you’ve collected. If you have enough collection systems already, you can always send it back to us so we can recycle it and turn it into parts for a new trap!.

I have the old Goodnature App. Should I delete this now?
If you are still using our original App. It’s OK to keep this. Now that we’ve released Chirp, we are no longer making updates or supporting the old App. If you do delete it, it’s gone for good as it can no longer be downloaded from App stores


Trap safety


Safe trapping

A question we get asked, is about the safety of our products around anything that’s not a specific pest our traps are designed to control.

We started Goodnature to protect endangered wildlife in New Zealand, and around the world, so it can flourish again. This means getting on top of pests, like rats. We also want to go about it kindly.

We stand for solutions that are effective, humane and are easy and safe to use in living spaces through to wild places. All pest control methods come with some risk and each location they’re used in is different, so it’s important to consider your situation when installing your trap - like you would with any form of pest control.

Our lures are non-toxic, so safe for people to use and no risk to pets. When installed correctly, non-target species are not able to get into the trap. Read on for advice on using our traps safely.

Advice for safe trapping

To avoid injuring or killing protected wildlife or any other animal that’s good for nature, it’s important you follow the installation instructions to set up your trap correctly. Simply follow the steps in the Quick Start Guide to make sure each trap is set up to be both effective and safe.

Trapping at home

If you have children, here are a few things to keep in mind when installing your trap.

Our traps require a deliberate action to trigger them, this can't be done accidentally. Children are naturally curious. We recommend treating all traps with care and taking the time to explain what the trap is, where it will be and that it isn't a toy.

As well as considering trap locations inaccessible to children, one way to help kids understand they shouldn’t play with traps is to demonstrate the firing action. The Quick Start Guide has steps for how to test fire your trap safely.

Safe trapping - the A24 trap and pets

If you have pets, here are a few things to keep in mind when installing your A24 rat & stoat trap.

When setting up your trap, the recommended height from ground level is 12cm (about a hand width). As this is low to the ground, it’s easy for rats and mice to get into the trap and much more difficult for other animals to - like cats, dogs and chickens.

Another safety measure built into the design is the size of the trap entrance - big enough for pests and too small for adult cats and dogs.

While we’ve never had any reports of any domestic animals being injured by our traps we can never say never, as animals can be inquisitive and have their own will.

If you are worried, or have very small pets (e.g. kittens) that will have access to the trap, here are a few tips to try before setting your trap live.

  • Set the trap up with the lure, but no CO2 canister. You can then monitor your pet’s interaction with the trap before making it live.
  • Set the trap in a location where pets can't interact with it.

Our lures are non-toxic, so safe to use at home. The lure we use to attract rats and mice is chocolate, which isn’t an attractant to common pets like cats, dogs and chickens. They’re likely to be more interested in the pests left under the trap! Although, given most pets are well fed, you may not see this either.

Test fire an A24 Rat & Mouse Trap safely

To test fire an A24 trap, ensure that the trap is either on the tree mount or on a trap stand.

For safety: Do not test fire the trap while holding a trap in your hand. When fired, the force of the traps striker is strong and is unsafe to hold.

  1. Remove the black cap from the trap by unscrewing it from the top.
  2. From above the trap, use a pen or stick to push the wire trigger to one side.

If there is gas in the trap the striker will be triggered. If nothing happens all gas has been flushed out and the trap is safe to move.

We’re here to help!

If you have any questions about setting up your trap, drop us an email at hello@goodnature.com.au or give us a call on + 1800 317 466.


Digital Strike Counter


My Counter shows a number, but I haven't seen any dead pests. Is it working?
We get this question a lot. Scavenging is really common if your trap is outdoors. Dogs, cats, and other rats, commonly scavenge dead rats and mice.

How long will the battery last?
The battery should last for up to five years. The device spends most of its time sleeping as it only uses power when the trap strikes or when you check the tally.

My Counter still shows '00'. Why is that?
There are a couple of possibilities:

The first thing to check is the alignment of the counter on the gas canister. It needs to be fully pushed onto the canister and facing directly out and away from the trap. Once installed, remember to test fire your trap to make sure it’s definitely counting correctly.

One other thing to check is that you’re not accidentally zeroing the Counter when you check the tally. To check the tally, quickly press and release the button. Don’t hold the button down too long as this zeros the count.

How do I put the Counter onto the trap?
The compact digital counter slides onto the CO2 canister of your trap. Rotate the Counter anti-clockwise, easing it onto the gas canister. Check out the Quick Start Guide for more detail.

What happens when the Counter gets to 99?
After you’re finished celebrating your successful trapping, reset your Counter by holding down the button until it resets to zero.

Why is my Counter showing kills when I've just got it out of the box?
The Counter is set off by firm jolts and this is something that can happen while your Counter is making its way from us to you. To reset it, simply hold down the button until it resets to zero.

How do I get the Counter off the canister?
To remove your digital counter, rotate the Counter clockwise while easing it downwards.



Here at Goodnature.com.au we deliver throughout Australia via Australian Post - there isn't an area we don't deliver to. We'll do our best to deliver your order in the fastest and most cost effective way possible - there's nothing worse than playing the waiting game, especially if you've got a pest problem.

Order size Option Timeframe Cost
Trap(s) + other items eParcel 3-10 business days $9.00AUD
Trap(s) + other items
Express 2-5 business days $15.00AUD
Accessories eParcel
3-10 business days
Accessories Express 2-5 business days $8.00AUD



We are happy to accept the return of any items if sent back within seven days of the delivery confirmation date. Please first reach out to us at hello@goodnature.com.au and we can go from there.

All products returned must be in their original condition and packaging (except for defective or faulty products for which you are claiming a repair, replacement or refund under clause 4 of our wider terms and conditions which must be read in conjunction with this summary) along with any accompanying accessories and an explanation for returning the products.



Product manuals

A24 Quick Start Guide
The combination of Goodnature A24 self-resetting trap technology, long-life lures, and you, the trapper, are the key to protection against introduced pests. This quick start guide gives you the tools to get great results.

Automatic Lure Pump Instructions
The Automatic Lure Pump (ALP) is the latest advancement in Goodnature’s world-leading conservation technology. These instructions explain how to first activate and then install the ALP into your A24 so your trap stays constantly attractive with fresh lure for 6 months without any need for maintenance visits.

Guides for success

Complex Trapping Sites
When it comes to domestic situations, some trapping sites are more complex than others and require you to do some further analysis to ensure you get success with your traps.

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