A24 Rodent Detector Kit

Goodnature Rodent Detector Cards

A24 Rodent Detector Kit


Our Rodent Detector Cards help you think like a rat or mouse. To be a successful trapper, it’s important that you assess (don’t guess), where to position your A24 trap.

The detector cards show you where rats and mice in your area feel safe to eat. That’s the place you need to install your trap, even though it might be somewhere different from where you’ve seen or heard them.

The cards contain our long-life lure for rats and mice, which testing shows they find super tasty. By checking out the bite marks on the cards after a few nights, you’ll know where your pests are eating and exactly where to position your trap.



  • 3 x Detector Cards containing long-life lure for rats and mice
  • Scratch sensitive surface
  • Toxin-free so safe for you, your pets and wildlife
  • Water resistant 

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