Nuts about lure

We’re rapt to have added a new flavour to our lure range; it’s Nut Butter and rodents are going nuts for it!

Lure is crucial in attracting rodents to your trap and we've increased our lure range in order to give you all the tools you need to get trapping success at your place. 

So we thought we would answer a few questions that you might have about Nut Butter but as always, if you have any other queries get in touch!

Why would I need to use the Nut Butter lure?

We want to give our customers a choice of lures to make sure that we are giving them all the tools to get success when it comes to trapping. According to our field trials, our new Nut Butter lure is just as effective as our Chocolate lure at attracting those pesky pests into the A24. But, if you want to try something new, have a preference for nuts over chocolate or you think the resident rodents at your place might like it better, why not give Nut Butter a go?

Why didn’t you make a peanut butter lure?

Peanut butter was an obvious place to start given that rodents are nuts for it. But when we got out in the field, we found it started to deteriorate, becoming mouldy and hard which can affect the trap’s performance. Our A24 trap resets itself 24 times meaning less maintenance for you so our lures need to be long-life - to stay fresh and attractive to pests so you can rest assured your trap is ready for any rodent that comes across it. So that’s how the hazelnuts came into play, it ticked all the boxes; long-life, attractive to pests, toxin-free and bonus, safe for trappers with peanut allergies!

Why hazelnut?

Throughout our field trials we trialled a number of ingredients but found that a hazelnut lure ticked all the boxes - long-life, attractive to pests, toxin-free and bonus, safe for our fellow trappers with peanut allergies! Being just as effective as our Chocolate lure, it was a no-brainer to use hazelnut in our new lure range.

Is it effective?

Field trials showed that rats love it just as much as they love our Chocolate lure, it stayed attractive for up to 6 months and it’s toxin-free just like our other lures.
TLDR; yes. It is.

Is it the same as the Nut Butter that I can get in the supermarket?

Even though they share the same name, our Nut Butter is a little different to the one you might encounter next to the jam in the Supermarket. While our lure is toxin-free it’s been designed for rat palates, not so nice for people. Unless you have a taste for oily, sweet nut paste, we wouldn’t recommend you spread it on your toast.

Any pet risks?

There’s no chocolate in our Nut Butter so there is no risk to your fur babies but we recommend pre-feeding in areas where your pets won’t eat it.

Can I buy an A24 kit with the Nut Butter lure?

We know that our Chocolate lure is effective in getting pesky rodents to interact with your trap. We also know through our testing that Nut Butter is just as effective. So we’re confident that there’s no need to change the lure that comes in your kit but want to give our customers the option to try something new if they want to.
Our lure also has an 18 month shelf life so if you buy your Nut Butter at the same time as your Chocolate lure you can always try one for 6 months then swap it and give the other one a go.

Can I buy Nut Butter in bulk?

All of our lures are available to order in bulk. Contact our customer care team by sending them an email at to get more information.

How do I get setup with Nut Butter?

Our Nut Butter is available as an Automatic Lure Pump to steadily replenish your trap with an irresistible lure, or as a Pre-feed pouch that you can use to entice rodents away from competing food sources and into your trap. Watch our video to learn how to set up the Automatic Lure Pump. Or to learn how and why to use pre-feed around your trap, head here.

Great! Where can I buy it?

You can get it here on our website as an Automatic Lure Pump for your A24 or as a 200g pre-feed pouch.
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